Tucson Tinnitus Trekkers

50 million people in the United States have tinnitus.

16 million suffer from chronic tinnitus.

Tinnitus is the number one service-connected disability impacting veterans accounting for over 812,000 veterans as of November 2011.

Curing tinnitus is something that's very important to me and my entire family (including Beau, pictured right). There are many members of my family who experience tinnitus, and who have suffered from tinnitus at one time or another, for various reasons, including myself. So I understand first-hand the adversity faced by the millions who suffer from tinnitus. However I've also witnessed first-hand the healing that can come with friends and family who support people with tinnitus and the dedication of many who care about others with tinnitus.

I have been with ATA since February of 2006, and since then there is one thing that I have certainly learned. That research is the answer to silencing tinnitus for good! The advancements in study of tinnitus that have led the way to novel clinical trials which may soon produce new treatments is something that everyone in the tinnitus community can get excited about!

One way to do that is by supporting the second annual AZ Walk to Silence Tinnitus! All money raised from this event will be 100% restricted to funding tinnitus research. I encourage you to start your own team, or join any other existing team today! Even if you cannot physically attend the walk on March 24, you can still "join" my team or any other team you wish, by making a donation today!

To join my personal team click this link and then select "Join or Support A Team" and then click the "Next" button and then pick "Tucson Tinnitus Trekkers" from the drop down menu. Thank you in advance for your support of the AZ Walk to Silence Tinnitus! Together we can silence tinnitus for good!

To simply donate to the event itself without picking a specific team, follow the above steps but pick "Team Arizona" from the drop down menu.