Ring Ring Go Away!


My name is Nathan Fenwick Smith and I suffer from tinnitus.  I am a lifelong musician/composer and due to my lack of proper ear protection during many years of loud live rehearsals and performances I have developed the very annoying hearing condition "tinnitus"!  
I continue my hobby of writing and recording music in my own home recording studio under the name of "I Am  
Fenwick" (www.facebook.com/fenwickmusic), but due to my tinnitus I have retired from the live music scene.
As I am just now finishing my undergraduate degree at ASU, I have decided to pursue my post graduate studies and doctorate degree in audiology in order to dedicate my life to helping others with hearing conditions.  My biggest goal as a future audiologist is to help find a cure for tinnitus!  
"Ring Ring Go Away!" (Don't) come again another day!
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