Hearing for Humanity - An ATA 2012 AZ Walk Partner



Hearing for Humanity is a team of audiologists and Doctor of Audiology Students from Arizona State University who provide humanitarian audiological services in Malawi. In addition to direct service provision, our efforts focus on training and education in order to have a sustainable impact.
Hearing for Humanity will return to Malawi in summer 2012 to continue to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children and adults with hearing loss.
Hearing for Humanity will be participating in the second annual AZ Walk to Silence Tinnitus hosted by the American Tinnitus Association (ATA).  The ATA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1971 in Portland, Oregon by Jack A. Vernon, Ph.D. The ATA’s work is two-fold as they strive to find a cure for tinnitus through funding research and provide information and services to patients living with tinnitus. A large amount of funding allocated to research sponsored by the ATA is provided by donations. 
Hearing for Humanity has created a team to walk in this 5K event and the ATA has generously agreed to contribute any funds raised by our team to Hearing for Humanity to help us accomplish our goals in Malawi in summer 2012. If you are interested in registering for this event, please visit the registration page and select Hearing For Humanity from the team drop-down list. If you are not a resident of Arizona, but would still be interested in supporting us, you can register as a virtual walker and join the team! 

The Epidemic of Hearing Loss

The incidence of significant and permanent hearing loss in sub-Saharan Africa due to meningitis, malaria, measles, ear infections, ototoxicity and other preventable causes is staggering. Most countries have a severe shortage of audiologists as well as trained medical personnel to provide the needed hearing health care services such as diagnostic testing, medical management, and rehabilitative services including hearing aid fitting and follow-up, so the majority of cases of hearing loss go untreated. The need for humanitarian aid is dire due to the limited resources for hearing aids, earmold supplies, audiometric testing equipment, and even something as basic as otoscopes, so that doctors in clinics can actually look in ears and treat middle ear pathologies. Hearing for Humanity works closely with existing organizations in Kenya and Malawi to help improve the status of hearing health care and to change the lives of children and adults with hearing loss.

Dr. Ingrid McBride

Dr. McBride is the founder and Chair of Hearing for Humanity. She is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at Arizona State University and the Director of Audiology at the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic. In her role at the university, Dr. McBride teaches introductory and advanced courses in hearing aid amplification and diagnostic audiology and oversees the operation of the Audiology Clinic. Dr. McBride provides clinical supervision of Doctor of Audiology students with an active clinical caseload with clinical duties involving adult and pediatric diagnosis, hearing aid fitting and follow-up, and group audiological rehabilitation for hearing aid and cochlear implant recipients. 
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