Arizona Tinnitus Sufferers Unite


A.T. Still University Audiology students, faculty, staff and friends unite
as the Arizona Tinnitus Sufferers Unite team to supoort ATA in finding
a cure for tinnitus sufferers.
Meet Our Team!
Heather Dudley - Captain
Janelle Mostad
Reyna Tenorio
Katie Pottratz
Mia Pozzanghera
Ryan Euer
Sara Jagger
Marisa Bushman
Dina Panopoulos
Krystal Hulleman
Kayla Newkirk
Ryan Kennard
Jonathan Ziegler
Christine Burris
Megan Larson
Megan Ryan
Julie Linn
To join our team, go to the Registration page and then select "Join or Support A Team." 
Click the "Next" button, and then pick "Arizona Tinnitus Sufferers Unite" from the drop down menu
(which gets truncated to "Arizona Tinnitus Sufferer!")  and click "Next".